A typical scene from the ranch

A typical scene from the ranch

The Schuerman Ranch

The Schuerman Ranch is a fourth generation 1,300 acre cattle ranch nestled in the Selkirk mountain range in northeast Washington. The ranch began as a homestead at the turn of the 1900s. The ranch continues to be a working cattle ranch. In 1980, portions of the ranch were converted to accommodate hunting on the ranch.


Hunting methods are stalking, stand hunting, or drives. Most of the ranch is accessible by roads. Hunts will be tailored to your individual preference and physical ability.

To maintain a quality hunt, only a limited number of hunters are allowed. A Washington State Hunting license and tag are required to hunt Whitetail.


The guides are David and Larry Schuerman, who are the latest generation sons. They grew up on the ranch and are very familiar with the habitats of the wildlife. Part of the hunting package includes skinning and harvesting of your game.